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Natalie G.

Tutor of Piano, Singing, Songwriting and Music Theory

Natalie is a BA Songwriting graduate of The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London with years of experience in private music tuition and a life-long history in music education.

A graduate of ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music Performance), Natalie is a full time singer-songwriter, playing bar residencies around London (gigging at least 3 nights a week). Her days are filled with her other two passions - teaching music and writing music for other artists.

Born in Moldova, Natalie relocated to the UK aged 13. Her background is based on classical training (piano and musical theatre). She has been in musical education/work since she relocated to London at 16 years of age to pursue a (still blooming) career in songwriting and music management. Natalie started teaching fellow university students and her friends 2 years ago to support herself and build a network. Starting off with piano lessons, she then expanded her teaching to music theory, vocals and songwriting.

Natalie started playing piano at the age of 4, soon taking on singing around the age of 9 and then getting into musical theatre and acting for vocational training on top of school. Having written her first song at 11, she had never went a day without writing music again, soon making it her career and choosing commercial music over musical theatre - an act that turned into a 2:1 Bachelor degree completion at ICMP.

Natalie makes her lessons appropriate to every student on a personal study level. She considers that every age, personality and practice level processes information differently, especially in a creative field. Although sticking to a tested curriculum, her teaching pace can be extended or reduced depending on the student's time and dedication. Natalie applies a student-centred approach to her teaching style, prioritising the primary goal standing behind the student's musicianship. On top of personalising her curriculum, she also teaches according to the grading system (1-8) and Suzuki, as well as helping students with school exam preparation.


“Natalia offers lessons to all of different ages and levels, offering them piano, songwriting, singing and music theory lessons. Since starting my piano lessons with Natalia, I have gathered knowledge and skill way beyond my expectations. This is mainly due her way of adapting different trusted methods and personalising her curriculum according to my goal which made lessons more efficient and impactful for my learning process.”
- Nicoleta A

“Natalia has really facilitated my tuition over the course of the year, helping me quickly progress from a complete beginner by building my confidence in the foundations and adapting her teaching styles around what works best for me! It was from the first lesson that Natalia proved she was very knowledgeable and provided me with a clear, effective structure to our lessons. Although she is very friendly and professional she has always made sure to keep me accountable for my learning!” - Ludmila G

"Fantastic classes, brilliant progress by our wonderful teacher Natalie! My brother and I love our piano lessons. Natalie really pushes us and we are constantly encouraged to challenge ourselves." - Oscar

"Two of my sons are taught by Natalie. I stumbled across River Music School London in a frantic search online and I cannot believe how lucky I got! Natalie is patient driven and firm with my boys and their progress is consistent. They are encouraged and challenged during every lesson and their enthusiasm to practice in between lessons is remarkable. I cannot recommend the school enough. There is constant communication and a hand over after each lesson so you as a parent can be fully involved and help your child's progress even if you are not musical." - Carryl T

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