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Nicol River

Director of River Music School London
Tutor of Singing, Piano, Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Music Theory

"Rock on!"
- Ken Tamplin

"Absolutely gorgeous!"
- Suzie Collier

"Nicol is passionate about her art, with an uncompromising vision."
- Martial Petit, Jazz Kaleidoscope New York

"A perfect mix between Sade and Chris Rea."
- Borce Trajkovski

"Great job!... You have a beautiful voice!"
- Bobby Koelble

Nicol is a professional singer and multi-instrumentalist who has a great enthusiasm for helping her students to discover and nourish their gifts and talents. She has been teaching for over 10 years now, has completed all grades in classical piano and up until now has performed in 10 different countries as a jazz vocalist at prestigious venues with recognised international musicians. Furthermore, she has achieved a First Class Honours degree in Music Industry Practice, administered by the Academy of Contemporary Music London and awarded by Middlesex University. Nicol has also recorded an album of jazz standards and has released several singles which have received an overwhelmingly positive response by her audience. Alongside this, she is in collaboration with Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, organising and co-hosting the 'Young Cats Jazz Workshop' to introduce 8-12 year olds to jazz music.


Nicol brings her broad experience and knowledge of music to the table and caters to the abilities of the student, making lessons an enjoyable self-discovery of the world of music within us! She has taught students as young as 3 years old to 65+ years old, so is very adaptable to the student's level and needs. In her lessons she incorporates performance, theory, and technique: knowledge she has acquired from the multiple instruments she knows. Nicol teaches singing (jazz, blues, contemporary, folk), piano (classical, contemporary), bass guitar (contemporary, pop, rock), guitar (acoustic) and music theory.

In August 2020, Nicol founded River Music School London to bring together London's finest music tutors who share the same passion for music and vision for education as she does. To date, Nicol and her team are proud to have collectively achieved hundreds of success stories and happy sprouting musicians.



"Nicol is simply an exceptional teacher, bringing a unique blend of professionalism, brilliance and fun to lessons. My 7 year old now loves playing the piano, he enjoys lessons and has gained a distinction in his recent exam thanks to her fabulous tutorage.  Nicol is a jewel of a find for us and I could not recommend more highly.


(2 years later) Nicol is completely fantastic. She teaches my son (Teddy) piano and he has gained a distinction in his grades 1, 2 and 3. She is professional, talented, inspiring, very engaging and simply brilliant. Not only is Ted progressing technically he understands music, feeling, tonality and the emotion of the pieces he plays. Teddy loves his lessons, trusts and values Nicol, has a renewed joy for the piano and I could not recommend her highly enough." - Clair C

"I loved my lessons with Nicol, she is fun, encouraging and full of energy. I improved so much with Nicol! I enjoy music and playing the piano thanks to her ability to make you feel as passionate as she is for music! A really positive and super inspirational teacher!" - Alex, age 10


"Lucy was an extremely shy girl who had selective mutism. Our last resort was to try singing lessons. We tried with one teacher but Lucy didn't seem to click with her. Then we contacted Nicol, and in the first lesson Lucy began to speak. In the second lesson she began to sing quietly, and in the third lesson she started to sing her heart out! We discovered that Lucy had a talent for singing, as Nicol helped her to discover her absolute pitch. We are proud to say that Lucy passed her singing exam for secondary school!!! Without Nicol we don't know where our daughter would be now, she has inspired her to enter the beautiful world of music and expression. NICOL DOES WONDERS!" -  Juliet and Matthew K

"Nicol taught our son when he was in year 5 and year 6. He was a beginner and she had a lot of patience with him and made it a fun lesson with not just playing, but the theory too. She has given him a love of piano which is great to watch and listen. When Nicol went on to pastures new and moved out of the area we tried a few teachers, but no one has quite matched up to her teaching." - Deena T

"I've been having singing lessons with Nicol for three years now. She has taught me breathing techniques, techniques that are tailored for the individual, presentation, music theory and performance skills. I highly recommend Nicol's specialist lessons for advanced students like myself, as she delves deep into the material you didn't know you need, and makes it understandable and practical. I regularly perform concerts around London and my specialist lessons with her have allowed me to develop not only musically but personality wise on the stage, which I am extremely grateful for. I've also started guitar lessons with her to develop my knowledge with her. Thank you Nicol!" - Selina G

"My daughter started bass guitar lessons with Nicol over Zoom due to Covid-19. I was initially nervous about starting music lessons with a teacher you haven’t built a relationship with in real life and who can’t work with you in person to correct hand positions etc. But I’ve been delighted. My daughter is not only learning a lot in Nicol’s lessons but is inspired and motivated to practise too — and that’s been such an unexpected benefit. Even though Nicol’s presence in our home is via a small phone screen, she’s overcome that obstacle to build an easy working relationship with my daughter, to help her progress quickly and to inspire her to do more!


(2 years later) We've really enjoyed working with Nicol. My daughter wanted a female bass player who could be a great role model too -- and this was during the lockdown, not too difficult then! We lucked out with Nicol though and she has got my daughter playing with technical prowess, musicality and style. Nicol goes over and above basic lesson requirements, sharing music afterwards for inspiration, giving tips on instrument choice etc. Even though we could now travel for face time face lessons, it is testament to Nicol's teaching ability that we decided to save travel time and stick with online teaching. Even just by video call, her teaching is generating results fast and she has built a strong rapport with my daughter which is lovely to see. Very happy indeed!" - Katie M

"Nicol is an amazing teacher.  I decided to get a singing teacher to help me improve my vocal technique and family members have said they've notice the difference. Singing is an art and it's been really insightful having a teacher who knows the craft and who is able to help me get to the next level." - Carlene L

"My daughters are really excited every day that they have piano lessons. I can see their progress. They are settled down well with Nicol and adore their teacher as she is kind and patient. The most important thing is that they enjoy practicing and know what the next step is." - Rosa K

“Nicol has been our son’s piano teacher since January 2021 and she has given him live lessons via zoom 5 times per week for the last 8 weeks. Our son has greatly enjoyed learning the piano with Nicol and he has progressed immensely in a short period of time. Nicol has quickly connected with our son and personalised the online class to him. She is an exceptional teacher, dedicated, very able, patient and pleasant. She has helped our son develop his piano skills, and has taught him the theory as well. As a consequence, our son absolutely adores playing piano and the lessons have become such a pleasure for him. The piano has impacted him positively and we are grateful to Nicol for all her teaching and guidance.” - Laila and Eduardo M-S

"Nicol has ben an outstanding guitar teacher and she has helped me greatly understand scales and chords which has improved my playing dramatically. Not only she has explained like no other teacher before how to navigate chords on the fretboard, but also she taught me a lot about theory, without which is very difficult to progress. I would full heartedly recommend Nicol to everyone who wants to dramatically improve his/her playing on the guitar." - Nash J

"I really enjoy the piano lessons. Nicol is patient as well as insightful; she helps me improve and develop my skills. I have progressed much further with her than with my previous teacher." - Ariana C

"My piano lessons are very good and I feel the pacing is just right for me. Nicol's methods are simple and easy to understand." - Diogo C

"My son has been taken piano lessons with Nicol once a week since November, she has been fantastic, very engaging and keeps my son motivated! Thank you Nicol for your patience and professionalism." - S G

"Nicol is an inspiring and encouraging teacher with the right balance between pushing me to achieve more and supporting my progress. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using my time to develop my basic piano skills from childhood - the experience is so satisfying and worth while. I feel very glad to have found her via these lockdown restrictions and wholeheartedly recommend her." - Sharon Y

"Can we just say a huge thank you to Nicol and the way she is conducting our remote piano lessons with our youngest son. He is only 7 and had never played piano before. Nicol’s style is so encouraging and positive which really helps him get the most out of his lessons. He has only had a few lessons but is really enjoying it and coming on really well and that is all thanks to Nicol. I would not hesitate to recommend Nicol and all at River Music school to anyone. 5 stars all round 👍"  - Dominic M

"My 8 year old really enjoys the online piano lessons with Nicol who teaches in a friendly and confident manner!" - Eva G

"Nicol is very good with my children. They are thoroughly enjoying having lessons with her." - Sandra C

"My daughter can't wait for her Thursday lessons with Nicol! She loves singing with Nicol and has learnt so much from her, from technique to performance skills. For several years now, since my daughter was a child, and now is a teenager, Nicol has led her in the right direction. My daughter's voice has evolved, I am so proud of the lessons with Nicol: she has an amazing personality and can inspire absolutely anyone to sing! My younger son was so interested in the lessons that his sister had, he has started singing lessons and guitar lessons with Nicol." - Adriana G

"Nicol is energetic, dynamic and positive. She gives so much to my son’s lessons. Always full of energy. Keeping his attention throughout. Moving at a speed right for my son, yet to keep him focused and engaged. My son is always so excited to have his music lesson with Nicol each week. So pleased to have found her. Just outstanding. Everything you would wish for in a child’s teacher.


(1 year later) River School Music is excellent. Nicol has an amazing energy and style of teaching. She fosters creativity, imagination and individuality in her teaching. As well as progressing through the grades, she teachers in a unique way creating a deep understanding and love of music. She is always happy, upbeat and positive. It really reflects when teaching as wants her pupils to be self motivated and interested in what they are learning. The lessons are varied and allow for pupils to also choose their own pieces they wish to learn. She is flexible in her approach and she brings out the best in her pupils. She takes the time to learn what you like and happy to teach a wide range of styles.


I would recommend her to anyone. She is professional, young and energetic and if you are keen to progress, genuinely love music you can't find anyone better. Outstanding and a highlight of the week. Feel lucky to have found her. Highly recommend." - Melissa S

"My son (11 years old) attends Bass lessons and my daughter (9 years old) electric guitar lessons and both love it. Nicol is a very talented musician and a very good teacher." - Soraya F

"I’m having a wonderful experience with the service, is everything I was expecting, good professor and the classes are very clear and easy for understand.
I highly recommend River Music School London, for anyone who wants to learn music." - Milton G

"Our son started piano lessons at the beginning of February with the River Music School, and during this short period he has made significant progress and is enjoying playing the piano again! The lessons are undertaken via zoom which works well, and specific thanks to Nicol who is an excellent teacher.


(1 year later) We have had an excellent experience with the River Music School. Our son has really enjoyed his piano lessons with Nicol. Nicol has built an excellent rapport with our son which has aided his progression and his enjoyment of playing the piano." - Claire and Malcolm P

"Mia started Zoom piano lessons with Nicol a couple of months ago and during the Easter break, she completed a Booster Course. Nicol is an excellent and inspiring teacher and has managed to encourage Mia to practice more and she is now enjoying the whole experience." - Eva K

"I have been working with Nicol for a couple of months now and what I like about her is that she listened and understood what I was expecting from our piano lessons and I am really enjoying them. Nicol is very patient, friendly and a really good teacher. Highly recommended!" - Hannah B

"Nicol is a fantastic piano teacher to my daughter (11yo), they have bonded well and Nicol is an excellent communicator. She makes the piano easy to learn for my daughter and also gives me feedback about the lessons so I can stay up to date with her education. We're so grateful to have found Nicol, we're now aiming for Grade 3 thanks to her! I highly recommend River Music School London and all the tutors there." - Brenda H

"I have piano lessons at River Music School. I'm a beginner and a mature student (I'm 65), which is surely the most difficult combination to teach. My teacher is Nicol, and in the few weeks I've been attending, she has helped me learn faster than I'd thought possible. She's very patient and knows just how hard to push me so that I always leave the lesson with a sense of achievement and enthusiasm to go and practise. I now believe I will soon be able to call myself a pianist. I can't wait.


(1 year later) I've been a student at River Music School for just over a year and I couldn't be happier. I decided to learn piano in retirement as it was something I'd always wanted to do, but never had the time. I was a bit worried that starting to learn something new at my age might be difficult, so I was prepared for failure or at least very slow progress.

Well, I needn't have worried. One-on-one tuition once a week has proved ideal for me. My piano tutor is Nicol and the standard of teaching is excellent and sympathetic to my individual needs. I'm already playing pieces that I really enjoy and have reached a much higher standard than I would have expected in the short time I've been playing.

Learning something artistic and creative like music is life-enhancing and I'd recommend it to anyone, whatever your age. And I'd specifically recommend River Music School because they've definitely brought out the best in me." - Clifford H

"I have started to take piano lessons with Nicol and I am very happy with the decision I made. She is for sure an experienced musician who knows what she is doing. She motivates me, challenges me, and has many different ways to help me understand. She also has great patience and great customer care. Very happy will continue with her after my 10 classes.


(1 year later) I have absolutely enjoyed my piano Lessons. I have been going for a year and will continue, I have learned a lot and started with no knowledge at all in music." - Dubrazka R

"Nicol is lovely and a very gifted guitar teacher. She has great patience with young children and adapts her lesson to suit my child’s pace of learning. She is always calm and happy to answer any question. I’m amazed to see how far my 6 year old has come in only a few months." - Elisabeth D S

"Really enjoying my current experience with River Music School. My 7 year old daughter is having lessons with Nicol and she is absolutely great with her. We are in our second month, and already she has learnt so much and looks forward to every lesson. Would highly recommend!" - Dyonne B

"Nicol is a brilliant piano teacher for young children. My daughter enjoys her lessons once a week and has advanced a lot since practicing with Nicol. She is very child friendly and nurturing which is really inviting for my daughter." - Olivia O

"Nicol is very encouraging to my son and has been able to tailor the lessons to my son's needs. He's already made a lot of progress since she started teaching him.


(1 year later) Nicol is a very experienced teacher and has been able to develop strategies to support my son's learning. She always communicates well about his progress and how he can be supported in his music practice, and she always responds when I mention specific areas where my son needs improvement, so communication is always very good. It was also wonderful to receive a report on my son's progress, which really helped me to understand how he is doing. I would certainly recommend her!" - Resina C

"Nicol is a very patient and dedicated teacher." - Dr. Nick F

"Nicol is a brilliant piano teacher for my daughter. My daughter enjoys her lessons once a week and has advanced a lot since practicing with Nicol. She is exceptional teacher, very talented, dedicated, patient and very friendly which motivates my daughter to learn. Nicol’s way of teaching is very clear and easy to understand. She has amazing personality and can inspire absolutely anyone.

I highly recommend River Music School to anyone wanted to learn piano.


(1 year later) My daughter has been more than a year learning to play piano with Nicol (Teacher). Nicol is very knowledgeable and has a method of teaching which my daughter loves. Her patience , encouragement and charm to children makes my daughter impress + motivated to continue to learn piano. My daughter passed grade 1 examination with distinction, she is now grade 2 in piano. She can now play lots of songs.
I am very impressed of the progress of my daughter learning to play piano with Nicol." - Noli B



"Nicol is an excellent teacher. My 6 year old daughter really enjoys her lessons and has already learned so much. Nicol has a patient and calm yet fun manner which really helps my daughter to engage and learn." - Emily L

"Nicol has been delivering singing lessons to me now for over a month. Patient and assured, she tailors a lesson to the individual's needs. She obviously knows her subject matter inside out and is worth every penny she charges. I'm now looking forward to receiving keyboard lessons too! I recommend Nicol to anyone." - Jon S

"Nicol has been an inspiring teacher. She makes the lessons enjoyable and sets realistic and achievable goals. I look forward to every lesson and am progressing well on the guitar." - Viveen G

"Nicol is an amazing Piano Teacher!! She is calm, patient and ensures that my son understands the notes. My son just started to learn to play the piano and already he has done exceptionally well. I highly recommend Nicol from River Music School!!" - Sharon D

"Nicol is an excellent teacher, she’s very friendly, patient and professional. My 7 year old is very happy, she’s really enjoying her lessons. I’m so glad how much my daughter has progressed. I really recommend Nicol!!" - Patricia S

"Both my daughters have recently started having music lessons at the River Music School. They absolutely love it and after each lesson are inspired to show the new songs they have learned! I would absolutely recommend the school to anyone with young children interested in learning the piano."

- Nicholas C

"My 7 year old daughter has been having weekly online piano lessons for a few months and is now enjoying playing the piano everyday. It’s great to see how much she is learning and how much she has progressed. Her teacher Nicol is so patient, kind and also flexible with availability. Would highly recommend!" - Jenny E

"My teenage daughter is thoroughly enjoying her piano lessons with River Music School. I am amazed just how quickly she has begun to start playing small pieces. This is testimony to the patient and inspirational teaching by Nicol at River Music." - Sapphire R

"Nicol is an amazing teacher. She is patient, kind and always very calm. My son absolutely loves her and her lessons. He started to practise at home without needing a major push which is a huge achievement. Would highly recommend!" - Jaga S

"I’ve been taking my daughter here for over a year she has made so much progress and really enjoys playing the piano! Nicol is very good at what she does and very patient and takes her time to explain and always supportive. I recommend her to anyone who is interested in playing piano she is a brilliant teacher." - KIM&KK

"I would highly recommend the River Music School, I've been having Piano lessons with Nicol for a few months and it's brilliant. A very structured and rewarding way of learning. I've noticed lots of improvement in my ability." - Joe B

"Nicol is a wonderful teacher and has a great way with children in encouraging them to learn an instrument. Our children love their lessons and are progressing very well at a pace that suits them. I really recommend Nicol." - Geoff C

"Piano with Nicol is the best!


Nicol is the best teacher when it comes to piano. My 11 year old son recently passed the ABRSM Grade 1 Piano exam and would have been extremely hard, if not unachievable, without Nicol's supportive encouragement and brilliant help. My son's progress in piano has improved dramatically over the course of the 7 months that we've been with Nicol. Would highly recommend her!" - Dinusha F

"Really great piano lessons! I love learning the theory and then putting it into practice. Nicol is super patience and has great knowledge and skill." - Harley G

"Nicol is truly special!! Not only is she a fantastic, knowledgeable and super fun teacher herself, she makes it her mission to find the best music tutor for her students no matter what the discipline is. Unlike some other music schools, Nicol is not looking for the quick fix in matching students to tutors, she really invests and cares about her students and wants the best learning scenario for them. Would recommend Nicol and the River Music School London, every single time." - Shannon D

"I'm currently on my 2nd term learning with Nicol at the moment. So far definitely a 5 star experience! Very professional but relaxed approach and makes music theory easier to understand. I'm hoping to hold my grade 5 theory certificate soon!" - Chris C

"Nicol is an amazing piano teacher! She plays multiple instruments and has a broad musical experience.
She is professional, reliable, knowledgeable and at the same time friendly and enthusiastic.
I've had a superb experience with her so far and I feel privileged for each piano lesson she's taught me."

- Ivan P

"It has been a real pleasure watching my daughter receive piano lessons from Nicol over the past year. She has gained great confidence in playing longer pieces using both scales (and we are not a particularly 'musical' family). Nicol has continued to be very positive and encouraging every lesson and is swift to reply to any question or concern you may have. I would certainly recommend Nicol to any budding pianist!" - Dania J

"My son expressed an interest in learning how to play the piano. I searched online for local piano lessons and found River Music School London. It had fantastic reviews so I sent an email enquiring about lessons and Nicol replied straight away. I was pleasantly surprised when he declared that he loved playing the piano after just one lesson. Nicol is very patient, engaging and supportive and knows exactly how to explain things to a 4 year old! Nicol makes learning fun and allows my son to develop at his own pace. We are so lucky to have found her!" - Vanina R

"I started teaching myself piano in lockdown and decided to take more formal lessons when things started opening up. I can honestly say that River Music School was a superb choice! I've had lessons with Nicol and Anna and they were both very attentive and patient teachers. I am greatly looking forward to continuing my lessons." - Luca P

"Nicol is an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. She has a very calming manner and breaks down things in a way that helps me overcome difficulties. I am enjoying returning to lessons as a mature student ☺️" - Claudine H

"I am an adult player and River Music is the best piano teaching I have had. Supportive, encouraging, fun and very helpful." - Matt C

"After having quite traumatising experience with the previous piano teacher, my son refused to play piano. Then my friend recommended River Music School. The first lesson with Nicol was fantastic, my son loves playing piano again and enjoy every lesson. Nicol is a very patient and dedicated teacher. She is always smiling and kind with children. Recently my younger son started the guitar lessons, also with Nicol, I have never seen him being so enthusiastic about the music. Boys absolutely love lessons with Nicol." - Bogusia P

"Not quite just a venue hire but an amazing showcase of talent. Super easy to work with Nicol and her team. Well done. Looking forward to doing another show." - Nolan Regent, Manager of Toulouse Lautrec Jazz Club (on RMS London's first annual Student Concert)

"I really appreciate Nicol organised this concert, this is my son’s first concert and he really enjoyed it. I enjoyed too. She brought the seed of music to all the children! Fabulous!" - Erica H

"What a fantastic day my boy had at RMSL collab day with Ronnie Scott’s. He enjoyed meeting other young musicians and jamming with them in this iconic bar. Prior to the actual event Nicol was always on hand to answer questions and she and Ada were so helpful on the day. Thank you for all you do to make sure young musicians are kept inspired." - Ms

"So after years of wanting to learn the Piano and dreading the idea of what a task it was to undertake, I made some enquiries about a Tutor. Amongst them I came across River Music School and just from the interaction on the phone, I felt I had found the perfect Tutor for me, and i was right.

I have been with River Music School for 2 years now and I cannot believe how far I have come in such a short time. Nicol has a different approach to teaching and does not just stick with the standard syllabus. Nicol goes outside the box and ensures that she develops your understanding and playing in a way that is tailored to the way you learn, pushing you further and not just teaching you what is required for Grade examination.

I highly recommend River School Music, they have great enthusiasm and a vested interest in your musical development. Its been so much fun, that i am now also learning Bass Guitar!

Thanks RMS : )" - Harpreet B

"Nicol is fantastic teaching music and piano to my 5 year old daughter, she provides guidance and discipline with great patience and child understanding. I really appreciate that she debrief me and provide feedbacks after each session. Highly recommend her." - Samuel D

"My daughter really enjoys her lessons with Nicol, she is supportive and allows for her to develop whilst learning pieces she enjoys. She gives confidence and encouragement for her to progress at a pace to suit her, asking what pieces she wants to start with each week as well. On line lessons allows my daughter flexibility to learn from home amongst her busy school commitments and takes away the need to travel as well; another great thing for us." - Gemma B

"I have piano lessons with Nicol and believe I've got the best music teacher ever. Nicol is professional, punctual, committed to getting the best out of me, encouraging and always believing in me and challenging me even at times when I've doubted I'll get there.

My piano lessons are never boring, each session with Nicol whether face to face or online are fantastic. Nicol not only is super gifted, talented and has mastered her craft, but she has the incredible ability to teach people of any age. I would recommend Nicol to anyone. Thank you." - Sylvia O

"I am loving River Music School London.
I’ve been there for a few almost a year and the teacher is very good and have an easy way to do the piano lessons.
I am enjoying my piano class at River Music School London. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟" - Geisa C

"I have been having weekly lessons with Nicol for around ten weeks now, and I started as a complete beginner to acoustic guitar. Nicol has patiently and effectively taught me to play numerous songs that I have asked to learn, as well as incorporating useful and interesting musical theory into my lessons so that I am learning the 'why' at the same time as the 'how'. Nicol's musical knowledge is incredible, and her teaching style is so fun and patient, so I am learning a lot very quickly and I am inspired to keep practicing each week and working on what I have learned! Nicol has helped me to understand strumming patterns whilst singing at the same time as playing guitar, and the way she explains the techniques is enabling me to make great progress each week. I am enjoying my lessons with Nicol so much and I always look forward to our sessions! The logistics of booking and planning my lessons is also always efficient and simple. Thank you so much Nicol and River Music School!" - Lucy H

"Nicol's approach to teaching is really nurturing and creative and my daughter is thoroughly enjoying her lessons - highly recommend." - Louise P

"My son has been having piano lessons with Nicol for a while now. He enjoys his lessons and Nicol is very patient and caring and really helps him understand. I really like her style of teaching and I can see lots of improvement in his playing. She does theory and practical at the same time which I find very useful." - Yvonne K

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