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Paolo M.

Tutor of Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Composition, Modern Technique and Music Theory

Paolo is a guitar player and teacher based in North London. Before starting the studies at the MA
2000 in Bologna he was already very keen to learn and explore with the electric guitar as a self-
taught covering different styles since the beginning of his journey.

His passion and his curiosity about music knowledge brought him to start a formal music
education moving to Bologna and learning from the biggest session men in the Italian industry at
the moment. Studying at the MA 2000 allowed him to expand his musical vocabulary and skills
learning how to compose and arrange for orchestra, analyse and learn new genres and learning
how to play different instruments.

Actively involved in the music community of the city as a teacher for private associations and as a
session musician he started to play in different function bands and teaching as a private tutor as
well. In the meantime he composed for orchestra for a few big music events for the city of Carpi.
Moved back where he grew up he started to work as a teacher and specialist tutor for public
primary, secondary and high school, and as private tutor as well.

He has been playing for over 20 years nowadays and still trying to reach new territories in the
music spectrum of different genres such as metal, rock, country, funk, blues, pop, finger-style and
working as a tutor for more than 10 years, focusing on trying to meet the student expectations
with their own goals.


Coming soon!

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