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Riddhita C.

Piano, Keyboard and Music Theory

Riddhita C a passionate pianist and dedicated teacher, she embarked on her musical journey at the tender age of 5, learning Hindustani vocals in Kolkata, India. She found her true calling in Piano and delved into music, receiving guidance from mentors and teachers.

Mentored by her teacher, she embraced teaching, leaving her corporate job to pursue music full-time. As an Associate of Trinity College London, she taught at various institutions across India, including Trinity Centre Eastern Region, Calcutta School of Music, St. Xavier’s Boys’ School, Kolkata and Taaqademy in Bangalore. As a performer, she has collaborated with various artistes, and performed and toured with one of the leading theatre collective in Bangalore, as a pianist and a singer.

In 2019, Riddhita collaborated with Sarod Maestro Dr. Rajeeb Chakraborty to perform Rabindra Sangeet in the form of a Sarod Concerto, writing the score for the instruments in staff which were performed by
the Pioneer Symphonic Orchestra at Townsley Auditorium in Michigan, USA. Her musical journey evolves with her pursuit of greater spaces, opportunities, and unwavering support for musicians and music
learners alike.


Coming soon!

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