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Will J.

Tutor of Bass Guitar, Double Bass, Drums, Guitar and Music Theory

Will is a very experienced bassist, guitarist, and vocalist from the West Midlands. Will started music from a very young age on guitar and drums, but since the age of 13 has committed himself to play bass guitar, and later double bass to a high standard. He is currently refining his vocation at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, on the jazz course. A natural teacher, Will has been teaching students for 3 years and greatly enjoys showing students how fun and rewarding learning music can be.

Will is keen that his students of all ages and abilities are focusing on what they want to do with music. Typically, lessons will be focused on using music the student loves as a springboard for technical and theoretical improvement. This can be jazz, but Will also has a deep love for Soul, Funk, Rap, and Rock.

As a solo artist Will has enjoyed success with radio plays for both of his recent releases, and a spot supporting Ari Hoenig at London Jazz festival 2023.


"I’m a beginner learning bass guitar, Will was very patient with me as I learned the basics. He is easy going, he created a very welcoming and fun atmosphere to learn in” – Daniel G

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