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Zachary D.

Tutor of Piano, Composition and Music Theory

Pianist and composer, Zachary D is a recent first-class music graduate from King’s College London. During his undergraduate degree, he studied piano performance at the Royal Academy of Music with John Reid. Zachary has participated in lessons and masterclasses with renowned pianists and pedagogues, such as Charles Owen, David Syrus and Penelope Roskell, and is currently studying the Taubman Approach with Teresa Dybvig. He has performed in venues such as St Bride’s and the Guildhall, as well as the Bull’s Head Jazz Room and the Budapest Jazz Club.

As a composer, he writes regularly for soloists and ensembles, and has studied with Thomas Hyde, Matthew King, and Samuel Andreyev. In 2020, he founded The Euterpean Podcast, a platform that has welcomed guests such as Flora Willson, critic at the Guardian, and Benjamin Zander. When not musicking, Zachary is a volunteer translator for ATD Fourth World and practises Shotokan Karate, in which he is a second-degree black belt.


"Perfect! Zach is a fantastic piano teacher. My daughter Yasmine greatly enjoys the lessons with Zach. His extensive musical knowledge and experience turn any lesson into a private Masterclass.
Zach has an individual approach to every pupil, always explains what caused this or that problem and how to fix it. All his lessons are very informative and interesting, he teaches not only the technique of playing but always tries to make you see a story in any piece of music.
Zach has the ability to help you to transform your playing in term of sound and musicality, which can only be achieved through such quality lessons. He supports you through the entire process of learning a piece until the moment you play it live. If you want to learn to play piano, Zach is that very person who can help you to do it." - Coco

"Zach is a fantastic teacher with patience. He teaches my 8-year-old son not only the techniques but also the enjoyment of music by introducing him to different genres of music. After having several lessons, he has already made a lot of progress.
He is very polite and is always ready to help. We are lucky to find a piano teacher like Zach. I highly recommend him!" - Ikue

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